Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cherish the Key

Today I finished the binding on this quilt.  I have had this Cherish Nature Jelly Roll for a while and never could find the right pattern, till Gail showed me this one.  Its called “Key to my Heart”.  So simple to make and works with any fabric (looks amazing in Pure)


Was thinking for giving it to my baby sister Karla (9 yrs.) for a Easter present.  But it goes so so well with my couch…  In my little stash I  still have a layer cake, a panel, charms and some fat quarters of cherish.  Maybe I could make myself something another time.

Another day, another dream.

Take care



Roseanne said...

Your quilt is very nice. Keep up the good work.

welsh penny said...

Love that Kate! And it does look good on your couch! gail

Appalachian Mercantile said...

Keep it for your couch...I won't tell! It's lovely!


Ciara said...

hi, i stumbled on your blog while looking for a teddy tidy online and one of the first searches was one of your lovely creations :) just wanted to say i love the blog, everything youv made is so gorgeous, and to ask you, how did you get into making everything, did you teach yourself how and just have a natural talent for it??i recently had a baby girl in april, and i would absolutely love to learn how to make her all sorts of handmade things,pillows blankets etc, as i just think they are so special! well done on everything! i dont know if you do it professionally but you most definatley should!