Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cherish the Key

Today I finished the binding on this quilt.  I have had this Cherish Nature Jelly Roll for a while and never could find the right pattern, till Gail showed me this one.  Its called “Key to my Heart”.  So simple to make and works with any fabric (looks amazing in Pure)


Was thinking for giving it to my baby sister Karla (9 yrs.) for a Easter present.  But it goes so so well with my couch…  In my little stash I  still have a layer cake, a panel, charms and some fat quarters of cherish.  Maybe I could make myself something another time.

Another day, another dream.

Take care


Something for “Luke”

Late last year my good friend Shireen asked me if i wanted to do a little stitchery block from her to her BF in Toowoomba. Of course I said yes when I found out that these blocks were going to be made up into a Memory Quilt about her BF’s  son “Luke”.  Luke died at a very young age a few years back from a illness he was born with.   I personally did not know him, I was just captured by all the stories I have heard ( A small boy filled with love, laughter and dreams). 

There is a group of ladies in Toowoomba that are doing the finishing construction of the quilt using his favourite cloths . Hopefully Shireen will get a photo of it for me when it’s finish.  All the different blocks from stitcheries, applique, needle turn and ones with a bit of everything.

Shireen and I picked out the stitchery block together from the “Life is Beautiful” book from Helen Stubbings.  The BOTM I have not yet started (lol).  Luke loved butterflies, purple and the saying was just perfect.

So here it is.


We also had an idea to do a photo block with memories from Shireen’s children of Luke.


I loved doing this project.  It is just a great idea to cherish the memories of someone special that you have lost.

Well back to the sewing room to finish off the binding on a quilt.  I will pop back soon with a little pic.

Take care


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

“50” is the new “30”

2010 Christmas was going to wonderful, until the Queensland  wet season started early spoiling everything.  Simon and I had it all planned out ( for once)  We decided months before hand to go to Townsville to spend Christmas with my Dad and to celebrate his 50th birthday on Boxing Day. 

The roads were flooded in every direction.  No chance of making it up there so we ended up staying at home for the Christmas period.  I was so angry and disappointed at the time, but now so thankful that we were keep safe with all this devastation around us.  Our blessings go out to all those family that weren't  so lucky.

There was one positive amongst all the negatives with the making of this very special quilt to celebrate my Dad turning the Big 50. 

I wrapped my brain for months about this quilt.  What pattern?  What Fabric? Pictures or no pictures? Finally this is what was KREATED  lol



Combining a Choc-Mint Bail Pop , a yard of white , a few yards of Dark Batik  for the border with  some special moments printed onto fabric, this was the result.  

This quilt is the biggest quilt I have made yet.   It fits so lovely on a queens size bed.  He is worth every hour that giant took including a few the temper tantrums with the quilting. 

If anyone knows any tips  to stop threads continuously breaking whilst machine quilting, I’m all ears.  By the end of the first row, I just had to change threads completely.  (The lady at the shop said they were the best variegated to use….I don’t think so)  They name of the tread is not on the spools, so I can tell you, but I will find out.

Still waiting to post this quilt.  A little bit late, but I could not risk it getting lost it the post with that cyclone hanging around.  When are we Queenslanders going to be a break. 

I know when he finally receives it, he is going to get a big surprise.  I wish I could be there to see his face.  “ Go the Mighty Magpies” lol.

I can’t believe it 3 posts in 3 days…. I just be catching something…lol

Well, bloggers…. be back tomorrow with number 4….some stitchery…


Monday, January 31, 2011

Maison De Garance Quilt .1.

The Christmas just gone I decided to make my Friends Dale and Sue a quilt for their well deserved present.   Not knowing exactly what the theme for there house is.  I thought, can’t go wrong with making a quilt out of the lovely Maison De Garance fabric by French General.    I love their entire range, so when Gail showed me this wonderful kit from Moda, “How could I resist”.  Well I couldn’t.  So I brought

2010-12-23 06.57.31

I really enjoyed making this easy and relaxing quilt, and talk about left overs. I was able to make those two matching pillows and still had enough to make a few more if needed. 

Sue and Dale loved the quilt ( well Sue has taken ownership of it, so I have found a brother quilt to this one that I will have to make for his birthday). 

Last year wasn’t a big flop in the quilt making area as I thought.  

I will be back tomorrow to show you another Christmas/Birthday present I got to finish for 2010.

Take Care everyone and enjoy your stitching 



Sunday, January 30, 2011

Is this for “Me” oh Thank-you

Well,  I recently celebrated my birthday a few days ago and it was the best so far. 

Reason’s why you say; 

1. First year that I did not have to work.

2. Surprised pressie from my Wonderful Husband,  a gorgeous two toned sparkly ring.  He has really good taste, well ears *lol*

And last but not least

3.   Fantastic gifts from Family and Friends.


A BIG Thank-you to SIL Sarah for the Super Handy Sewing Caddy.  It has been working wonderfully over January along side me.  Love the fabric and the cute little pins.  Also thank-you for my MIL Gail who gave me these fantastic 3 set vintage style box’s, and fabric.  You girls know me oh so well , made me feel so special…. It’s good to be 21 …

Ok… better get out of the office and  into this kitchen to whip up some dinner. 

Take Care Bloggers and I will return tomorrow with some quilting…I promise.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vacation Expired… Back to Blogland…. With Exciting News.

Hi to all bloggers, I have returned to blogland again.  These last few months have been extremely busy.  As most of you know I’m a manager of a expanding Subway store.  With my work load increasing there is still  only 24hrs in a day. But I have managed to find a few minutes a week to do some sewing.  I’m currently working on finishing my “Life is a Celebration” BOM.  Two more blocks to finish woohoo. Then I can sew them together and start quilting it.  I have so many projects I want to start but I have promised myself to finish this one before it turns into a U.F.O. lol.

I have some exciting news.  Gail Timmins of Dragon Lady’s Den has opened her new online store.  Queenies Quilt Shopee

Queenies Letter Head

This lovely store has everything to fulfil your Stash.  Pop over to Gail’s Shoppe and have a look around.  More and more item getting listed weekly.  Save the button to your side bar for easy shopping.

I will pop back through the week to upload pics of my finished blocks.

Take Care

Monday, July 5, 2010

My Garden – BOM between Friends

Hello, all my fellow bloggers.  I have returned :) lol.. Been M.I.A for the past month.  End of financial year has creped a pond us again.  Busy time for businesses and not to mention the school holidays as well.  Work has been a handful, but has now settled down so I’m back to blog land and sewing…”Oh how much I have missed you”. 

Amongst this June madness I did find the time to sign with Tereasa at Homespun & Beautiful  for the  Lynette Anderson’s BOM “My Garden”.  My lovely SIL Sarah brought it to my attention, and I could not resist.  So Sarah, Roseanne and myself have set our self's another challenge. Totally love this fabric that was chosen “Heart and Soul”.  I was kicking myself when I arrived back home from Tassie in June without buying that lovely bundle I saw at Pauline’s.  Thank god she still had some fabric left for this BOM. 


  Well, Off to the sewing room I go.  I promise to return with a sewing Kreation…:)

Take Care

Katrina xxx

Monday, May 17, 2010

Block Holder with 4 Finsihed Blocks

I have now finished 4 Blocks from "Life is a Celebration".  Slowly but Steady will win the





With all these Blocks made.  I had no where safe to store them.  I remember when I went to tassie a few years back, Sarah had a lovely block holder that she made.   So I attempted to make myself one.  It was quite easy to make, a bit mind boggling without a pattern or instructions but I'm pleased with the outcome. Now my blocks have somewhere to rest, until they sewn together. 

This fabric is from the collection "Memory Lane".  This material was some of the first I had brought when starting quilting.  I aslo have it in blue, cos I just don't decide between them.  I glad it finally has a purpose..

It's my first day off today and it's cold, rainy.  Great time to stay inside wearing trackies, listening to Micheal Buble and catching up on some stitching.
Hope everyone had a lovley weekend. 

Katrina xox

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Life is Beautiful"

How could anyone resist this???.. 
Once my eyes stubbled across this amazing Pattern Journal on Lisa'a Blog
It was love and first sight. Thanks Lisa for all your help  :)

I have had this fabric for a few months. I  like the crisp whites, baby blues and browns of this collection from Lakehouse TeaTime 3.   I just have to sort through them and pick out 16 for the quilt.  Not sure on how it's going to look with the Helen Stubbings stitcheries.  I am going to have a little play on my next days off.  Try out these new threads, and work out what colour will work the best.
I'm excited to start making my journal.  So Many Many Ideas. 

I'm also currently doing the HomeSpun Mystery BOM, Life's a Celebration.  I have finished a few blocks now.  I have been lazy in posting them.  Might pop them on in a few days.

Hope everyone is have a great week.  4 more days of work and then a day off, Can't Wait LOL

Take Care Katrina xx

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Presents

I was just informed that my posts are becoming more like So I will keep this short and sweet. 
  I made my MIL Gail, a Aster Manor Sewing Mat and a matching Good Luck Sewing Buddy (Ellie the Elephant).

Also I recieved a parcel today (something exciting).  I will pop back tomorrow to show you. Hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day on sunday. 

Take Care Katrina xx