Friday, July 17, 2009

Grace's Blooming 3rd Birthday Quilt

Last Sunday Simon and I went to Grace's 3rd Birthday Party. Balloons, toys, kids and cake filled the day. I had so much fun watching the kids running a muck. I got really clucky.. but that's another story. LOL.

Grace is my Best Friend/Maid of Honors eldest girl. I have always wanted to make Grace a quilt ever since she was born but never got around to it. I started making this quilt on my Wednesday sewing day with Gail. It was not a planned project, but the best ones never are. LOL.

I used a Woodland Bloom Jelly Roll and Charm Square to make this quilt. Gail and I both made this stripy quilt. Gail used her Posh Jelly Roll and it looked fantastic. She has not finished it yet but I will have to get on her back about it before it heads up in the UFO box..LOL..

I love doing applique on quilts, spicing it up with my own individual touch.. And it's always great to personalise a special quilt too.

I really enjoyed making this quilt and have plans to start making another for Kristy's youngest girl Chelsea-Rose.

Well, I better start thinking on the material choice for the next one.

Everyone. Take care