Monday, May 17, 2010

Block Holder with 4 Finsihed Blocks

I have now finished 4 Blocks from "Life is a Celebration".  Slowly but Steady will win the





With all these Blocks made.  I had no where safe to store them.  I remember when I went to tassie a few years back, Sarah had a lovely block holder that she made.   So I attempted to make myself one.  It was quite easy to make, a bit mind boggling without a pattern or instructions but I'm pleased with the outcome. Now my blocks have somewhere to rest, until they sewn together. 

This fabric is from the collection "Memory Lane".  This material was some of the first I had brought when starting quilting.  I aslo have it in blue, cos I just don't decide between them.  I glad it finally has a purpose..

It's my first day off today and it's cold, rainy.  Great time to stay inside wearing trackies, listening to Micheal Buble and catching up on some stitching.
Hope everyone had a lovley weekend. 

Katrina xox

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Life is Beautiful"

How could anyone resist this???.. 
Once my eyes stubbled across this amazing Pattern Journal on Lisa'a Blog
It was love and first sight. Thanks Lisa for all your help  :)

I have had this fabric for a few months. I  like the crisp whites, baby blues and browns of this collection from Lakehouse TeaTime 3.   I just have to sort through them and pick out 16 for the quilt.  Not sure on how it's going to look with the Helen Stubbings stitcheries.  I am going to have a little play on my next days off.  Try out these new threads, and work out what colour will work the best.
I'm excited to start making my journal.  So Many Many Ideas. 

I'm also currently doing the HomeSpun Mystery BOM, Life's a Celebration.  I have finished a few blocks now.  I have been lazy in posting them.  Might pop them on in a few days.

Hope everyone is have a great week.  4 more days of work and then a day off, Can't Wait LOL

Take Care Katrina xx

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Presents

I was just informed that my posts are becoming more like So I will keep this short and sweet. 
  I made my MIL Gail, a Aster Manor Sewing Mat and a matching Good Luck Sewing Buddy (Ellie the Elephant).

Also I recieved a parcel today (something exciting).  I will pop back tomorrow to show you. Hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day on sunday. 

Take Care Katrina xx