Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vacation Expired… Back to Blogland…. With Exciting News.

Hi to all bloggers, I have returned to blogland again.  These last few months have been extremely busy.  As most of you know I’m a manager of a expanding Subway store.  With my work load increasing there is still  only 24hrs in a day. But I have managed to find a few minutes a week to do some sewing.  I’m currently working on finishing my “Life is a Celebration” BOM.  Two more blocks to finish woohoo. Then I can sew them together and start quilting it.  I have so many projects I want to start but I have promised myself to finish this one before it turns into a U.F.O. lol.

I have some exciting news.  Gail Timmins of Dragon Lady’s Den has opened her new online store.  Queenies Quilt Shopee

Queenies Letter Head

This lovely store has everything to fulfil your Stash.  Pop over to Gail’s Shoppe and have a look around.  More and more item getting listed weekly.  Save the button to your side bar for easy shopping.

I will pop back through the week to upload pics of my finished blocks.

Take Care

Monday, July 5, 2010

My Garden – BOM between Friends

Hello, all my fellow bloggers.  I have returned :) lol.. Been M.I.A for the past month.  End of financial year has creped a pond us again.  Busy time for businesses and not to mention the school holidays as well.  Work has been a handful, but has now settled down so I’m back to blog land and sewing…”Oh how much I have missed you”. 

Amongst this June madness I did find the time to sign with Tereasa at Homespun & Beautiful  for the  Lynette Anderson’s BOM “My Garden”.  My lovely SIL Sarah brought it to my attention, and I could not resist.  So Sarah, Roseanne and myself have set our self's another challenge. Totally love this fabric that was chosen “Heart and Soul”.  I was kicking myself when I arrived back home from Tassie in June without buying that lovely bundle I saw at Pauline’s.  Thank god she still had some fabric left for this BOM. 


  Well, Off to the sewing room I go.  I promise to return with a sewing Kreation…:)

Take Care

Katrina xxx

Monday, May 17, 2010

Block Holder with 4 Finsihed Blocks

I have now finished 4 Blocks from "Life is a Celebration".  Slowly but Steady will win the





With all these Blocks made.  I had no where safe to store them.  I remember when I went to tassie a few years back, Sarah had a lovely block holder that she made.   So I attempted to make myself one.  It was quite easy to make, a bit mind boggling without a pattern or instructions but I'm pleased with the outcome. Now my blocks have somewhere to rest, until they sewn together. 

This fabric is from the collection "Memory Lane".  This material was some of the first I had brought when starting quilting.  I aslo have it in blue, cos I just don't decide between them.  I glad it finally has a purpose..

It's my first day off today and it's cold, rainy.  Great time to stay inside wearing trackies, listening to Micheal Buble and catching up on some stitching.
Hope everyone had a lovley weekend. 

Katrina xox

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Life is Beautiful"

How could anyone resist this???.. 
Once my eyes stubbled across this amazing Pattern Journal on Lisa'a Blog
It was love and first sight. Thanks Lisa for all your help  :)

I have had this fabric for a few months. I  like the crisp whites, baby blues and browns of this collection from Lakehouse TeaTime 3.   I just have to sort through them and pick out 16 for the quilt.  Not sure on how it's going to look with the Helen Stubbings stitcheries.  I am going to have a little play on my next days off.  Try out these new threads, and work out what colour will work the best.
I'm excited to start making my journal.  So Many Many Ideas. 

I'm also currently doing the HomeSpun Mystery BOM, Life's a Celebration.  I have finished a few blocks now.  I have been lazy in posting them.  Might pop them on in a few days.

Hope everyone is have a great week.  4 more days of work and then a day off, Can't Wait LOL

Take Care Katrina xx

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Presents

I was just informed that my posts are becoming more like So I will keep this short and sweet. 
  I made my MIL Gail, a Aster Manor Sewing Mat and a matching Good Luck Sewing Buddy (Ellie the Elephant).

Also I recieved a parcel today (something exciting).  I will pop back tomorrow to show you. Hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day on sunday. 

Take Care Katrina xx

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Retro Inked Bag for Amy

I have 1 day off from work and what should I do? Clean house....hmm nah...  Catch up on some reading....hmmm relaxing but...nah.. I know... I will make a bag.   I woke up excitied on Tuesday morning  to start making this bag for a friends teenage daughter.  I had so many ideas flowing through my mind, but the hard part was making them happen.  I'm happy to say after many hours in my sewing room, I have completed the most FAB BAG ever!!!!

This bag was a challenge from the word go.  My friend Shireen wanted me to make a bag big enough for her daughter's (Amy) dance stuff and the wish was granted.  My inspiration starting from the fabric "Retro Inked Girls fabric from Alexander Herny that was use as the main fabric that Shireen picked out which then leaded to the theme of Retro Rocker.  Suits Little Miss Amy to a tee....

Finding the rest of the materials was a challenge.  Don't you just hate when you get an idea but you can't find the things to make it happen?  I had this problem but.... where there is a will, there is a way.  I could not find any fabric in the stores that looked like leather.  So...I went to Big W and brought a pair of those plastic leather tights.  And they worked like a dream with a bit of quilting.  I used it on the top and on the pocket and for the handle holders.  Talking about handles, I used two belts from Kmart and with a bit of cutting, sewing and glue they worked out perfectly. 

I love this bag...It 's soft, textured and has style LOL.. Didn't want to part with it. But I know Amy will love it and look after it.   Back to work now.  Can't wait until my next day off on tuesday so I can start a mother's day present.  I will have to do some sneaky question asking to find out what fabric she likes.

Hope everyone has a great week.  I will pop back in a few day with pics of some finished blocks.
Take care Katie xox

Monday, April 19, 2010

Eva's Cuddly Mocha Meringue

Hi Bloggers, I was just informed by my MIL that it's been 3 weeks since my last post and even longer for a finished project. Opps! But time has not been wasted. Im so excited to show you
what I've been working on. 

A very Snuggly Cuddly Winter Quilt.  Well our "New Addition" EVA, thinks so. 
Can you spot her?

I don't know whats more lovely "Eva" or my Quilt? lol..  I am very pleased with the finish. Finally a finish for April, yeah!   My darling husband brought me this quilt kit 3 birthday's ago, after falling in love with the fabric at Calico Crossroads.  I have had the quilt top made for a few weeks.  I was just not sure what to make it into.  A wall hanging, or a quilt for the new lounge.  Hard decission but my mind was made up when I came across the cuddly chenille at Lincraft.  I had a "Brain Fart" lol (idea)... Make it a Cuddly Reversable Throw Rug!!.  The Mocha Meringue top was quilted just in the ditch, and then I sewed the two colours of chenille fabric into a checkboard pattern.  I put a thick wadding inside and used these cute wooden buttons to help tie down the quilt.  They worked out great!  It is going to be great for those cold Queensland

I have alot of fabric left from the kit, so think I might make some matching pillows (one-day).  

Eva has taken over the quilt.  Poor Pepper our other cat has to settle with a cushion.  She was not pleased with us bring home Eva, but when they think we aren't looking they play round.  And for all of you MODA lovers, like myself.  Yes!... her name is from the Basic Grey collection "Eva". 
It suits her well.  Thank you MIL -Gail for coming up with the name.  

Came across this pic on Roseanne's blog.  Doesn't it look so very much like our Sweet Eva?
Hope you all had a great creative weekend.  I am currenly working on a few things so I will have to post them through the week.

Take Care
Katrina xox

Monday, March 22, 2010

"Unexpected Present"

Look what I received today from Roseanne.  It's so CUTE !  

Totally unexpected and it so brightened up my day. Fabrics are adorable. Thanks Roseanne for the lovely gift.  It's already in my bag holding my business  cards.

"First" March Finish

It's been about a month since my last post.  Time is going super fast.  But I did manage to make these lovely "Button Cushions"

I found these "Sayings" in an old Homemade Magazine.  Idea's started to fly through my mind.  "What fabric to use"  "Should I add button, lace, ribbon"  Too many choices. I am very happy on how they ended.

I love this fabric range.  It's a new Moda range from Deb Strain "Cherish Nature"  My growing stash contains a layer cake, jelly roll, charm square pack and a nice little bundle of fat quarters.  

The chocolate browns, blues, and creams designs go lovely with our New Mocha Lounge.
This couch was a great find.  It's so soft, comfortable, durable, roomy.  Also it has two storage areas in the side chase and the large footstool in the front.  Great to place to keep Quilts for when we have cold nights.

I'm currently making a throw rug and matching pillow for the lounge.  Hopefully I will have it finish for March.  So you will have to bop back and check it out. 

Take Care
Katrina xox

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Sewing Roll

Yeah I'm still here.  Haven't been sewing as much as I wanted. Cos I have just started a new position with work.  I'm now the Advertising Assistant for Gladstone Region for Subway.  I'm still managering the store in Tannum Sands.  It just means more work outside the office.  I must be crazy. My timetable is already quite full.  But I think I need to squeeze in a day or two for sewing. 

Talking about "Sewing".  I have made this cute little block holder.  It's going to be handy when I start making the Mystery BOM from homepun. 

I have just received the second block.  There has been a few fabrics missing from the first and second block.  Hopefully the supplier of this BOM sends them out soon.  I haven't started making them yet due to this reason. 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  This is my first day off so I have lots of housework to do and making gets some sewing done.

Katrina xox

Friday, February 12, 2010

There's No More Excuses

Last Sunday my wonderful husband Simon, gave me an early Valentines  present.  He re-built my quilting frame.  It's now a fantasic size measuring at 3 metres long. It was orginal 1.7 metres.

Simon did a wonderful job and it works better than ever. So, there is no more excuses not to make larger quilts.  Now all it needs is a nice new machine to go on it .... I have been eyeing off the Husqvarna Mega Quilter.  Hopefully Santa will come early this

Hope everyone has a great weekend...


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Moda Love Pincushion" 1st Feb Finish

Don't you just love them?

These pincushions are a Mode Bake Shop treasure. Click here for the free pattern.

My pincushions are a little bit different to the pattern. I used a "Glace"charm square pack, instead of 5 jelly roll strips. Believe it or not... I could not find any laying around. If you have this problem too, I just sewed three charms together top to bottom, then cut down the center making 2 x 2 1/2 by 14 inch then cut to required lenght. After making 10 strips ( 5 for the front) and the 5 I used for the back instead of the 10" layer cake square. Giving it a strippy look.

Also I added a Button up the top with a "Sweet Roll Ribbon" connected to it. Great to hold my little scissors.

The pattern does make two of these beauty's.... My second pincushion is packed and ready to post to someone special. So better keep an eye on the post box.

I'd like to congrats everyone for having a great Kreative January.. I popped over to a few blogs and Peg & Kath are got there work cut out for themselves this year.

Take Care


Please Please Pick Me

I know... I'm a slacker lol.... Forgot to post about Sarah's Fantasic Blogoversary Giveaway.

I don't have a needle case (wink wink)... Sarah has given me patterns to make one. But her's is SOOO much better. Fingercross I'm the lucky Timmins.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Lifes A Celebration BOM - Homespun 2010

My Christmas Present has arrived

Yeah.. It's the first month of the "Life's a Celebration" Mystery Quilt through Homespun.

My Wonderful Mother-In-Law Gail, gave me this for a Christmas present. The fabric for this mystery quilt is gorgeous (very girly). It's totally my style. God she knows me to well. Thanks again. The BOM did not come with the pattern. But Gail once again thought of it all and got me the Homespun Subscription of my birthday. I'm so spoilt....

Now when do I start.... I was so itching to start today as it rain all day. But one problem... The BOM did not include DMC thread. So I guess my heading to the shop tomorrow.

But today was not a total lost.... I kept my self busy making.... something???
I will pop back tomorrow to show you.

Take Care
Katie xox

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chel - Bel's Santorini

I have been a busy bee this weekend, finishing this lovely bright quilt for my girlfriends youngest girl "Chelsea-rose" aka Chel-Bel.

Last July I made her eldest girl "Grace" a quilt for her third birthday. I promised my girlfriend Kristy that I will make Chel-Bel a matching quilt for her 2nd birthday december just gone, but work was crazy that time of year. Only a month late but I know she is going to love it. Yeh I was a little slack with her name on the back... Chelsea-Rose was just a little toooo long. lol

I used a jelly roll and charm square of "Santorini" by Lila Tueller to make this quilt. It came out quite lovely and it suit's Chel-Bel down to a tee. She really likes Purple (well at the moment)lol..

The pattern of the quilt front was from "Me and my Sister - Strawberry Jellies". Such a quick and easy pattern to follow and really suits the bright, bold patterned fabric like Santorini.

This is my fifth finished project for January.. Off to a good start I say. Not sure what is installed for Fabulous Febuary ... So you will have to pop back now and then to check on me.

Take care everyone

Katie xox

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Thank-you" xox

Thanks to all my Family & Friends for the birthday messages.

Today was very eventful. I started piecing together a new quilt. Cleaned, reorganised and moved around my sewing room and even went to town to look at more lounges at Harvey Norman's. Turning a year older has not held me back.

I had a surprise birthday cake from Simon. He is a sweety. Sneaking down to the corner store to buy me a lovely cake. While sitting at the table reading some blogs, he brings me out this.....

He even put the extra effort in to light a Don't mind the metal tray the frozen Sara-lee Chocolate Cake came in. "Simple Simon but totally Perfect" It's the thought that counts and the taste... and it tasted so yummmy. Simon and I had to have seconds...hehe

Better get to bed... a early 4am start tomorrow..
I will pop back to tell you what I got for my birthday... It a great pressy

Katie xox

Monday, January 25, 2010

"Shopping Trip "

I'm back from my little shopping trip in Rockhampton and brought some goodies back with me. I went to a lovely store called Patchwork Paradise... the name describes it well... It's one of those stores that you walk around and around looking and each lap your eyes spot something different.

I really had to stop myself from buying an armful of goodies and decided on the beautiful "Cherish Nature" by Deb Strain. Deb Strain was one of the designers that caught my eye from day one. I'm sure everyone remembers the lovely "Day Dream" collection Moda brought out... Yes it was Deb Strain's. I still have a jelly roll of Day Dream"s in stash, and can't bring myself to cut it. I brought a Layer Cake, Charm Square, a Panel and a few fats of the Cherish. I was going to buy the jelly roll but thought I needed an excuse to head back in a couple of weeks (wink wink) LOL.

The day went by quite fast, but Simon and I had a great time. We went to Hog's Breathe Cafe for lunch, another fantastic meal..(yummmy). Simon went and looked at the Golf and Motorbike stores, while I was at Spotlight. Got a few supplies and some more goodies. Then the afternoon was spent looking at the stores in the mall and looking for a new lounge. Found a couple that were alright but just not the one.. I guess we keep looking.

One more day off... might get some sewing down... or just relax??? I might pop back in a few days and show you the project I'm working one. All I can say... that it's "BRIGHT"

Take Care
Katie xox

Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Sassafras" with a Urban Twist

After many months it's finally finished ready to post to my Dad. This is my favorite quilt I have made yet. I love every collection "Basic Grey" bring out. This fabric range is Urban Couture. The pattern "Sassafras from Thimble Blossoms" only desired use of one jelly roll and a few fat quarters for the applique and I added a brown border it frame the piece.

I wanted to keep this quilt for my self. But I showed my Dad when he was down for the wedding and hinted that his girl friend would love it and also he really liked it too. Sooo... I decided that this was going to be their 2009 Christmas Present ( yeah it's a bit late). As I say "Rome was not Built it a Day & Good things come to those who wait" lol.

I quilted the quilt using my new frame and a design I learnt from Sarah when she was up on holidays. (thanks Sarah). It was quite easy once I got into the motion. It seemed to just flow.

So here is maybe my last completed project for January... I might have time to finish after but I'm not promising anything. I have the next two days off from work but my husband (Simon) and I are going to Rockhampton on a Shopping Day tomorrow and Tuesday is my birthday... so I might go and hassle Gail for a sewing day.

Hope you all had a great Kreative Weekend... Take Care

Katie xox

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Butterflies and Blossom Doily

Started and Finished as promised. Yeh Yeh.. I got this kit for Christmas from Sarah. She picked well, I love Leanne Beasley's Kreations.. Especially if it involves butterflies & pink. :)

I'm thinking of making a couple of these for my little sister Karla for her birthday. She is a little princess that has a mini barbie castle as a bed room. These would look great in there. If your interested on this kit you can purchase one from Patchworks Plus.

What to do now?.... I should really finish of my father's quilt I promised him last christmas. I will pop back tomorrrow with a sneak peak, or even the pictures with it finished.

Katie xox

Sunday, January 17, 2010

"In My Heart.....Mother" Cushion

Here is that something special I made my Mum for her birthday last week. I brought this pattern whilst once again shopping at DewDropIn at Hervey Bay. I could spend all day there looking at the collections of fabric. These patterns from "Sally Giblin" are absolutely beautiful. I brought about 4 of her patterns that day, could not decide which one I liked the most. As I say when in doubt buy them anyway.... The fabric is "Vintage Rose". I stumbled across it in my stash while trying to find something else.

This is my first stitchery cushion project. I enjoy making these more then quilting these days. I find it more rewarding on a personal level. After finishing the cushion, I really wanted to keep it for myself. Might just have to make

My Mum totally loved it. It's the first thing I have made her since I was about 9yrs old. She said to me that I have set a birthday standards now...she expects something like this every year. I was happy that she loved it as much as me.

So... I guess it's make to the sewing room... I've started making this beautiful Butterfly and Blossoms Doily Kit that Sarah gave me for Christmas. Fingers cross it turns out as good as

Katie xox

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sweet Simple Treats

I have to admit I LOVE buying new fabrics but only thing is I HATE cutting it up. 2010 is a time for change. I have a few... kits now that I have brought and been given over the past years. So I have started off small and decided get the cutter out and make "Sweet Treat Bag" from the Moda Bake Shop Collection. The honey bun box set was a 09' little pressie from my husband, he is well trained LOL....

It was a very Easy and Fast but lovely bag to make. I decided to make it from the Patisserie Honey Bun. I use it as a pencil case for work. Thinking now I need a little make-up bag...LOL.. watch out honey bun... the cutter is coming...LOL.

My wishes have been answered. I got accepted for the OPAM 2010 challenge. I must of just scrapped in the number. I just popped over to Kris's blog and the sign in has now closed. Yehh, I got in.... Now the fun will begin. LOL..

A quick message to my Mum " Happy Birthday for Today" I made her something special for course.. I will have to put a pick on here tomorrow..

Bye for Now

Katie Timmins xoxo