Monday, January 19, 2009

Christmas Presents from Family.

Christmas 2008 was the best Christmas i have ever had. My wonderful boyfriend Simon proposed to me with a beautiful ring, and of course I said YES..

Simon's family really spoiled me this Christmas with amazing gifts. Sarah and Denis gave me the Little Romance Kit (totally breathtaking) . Sarah also made Simon a fantastic new quilt. Made from Red White and Blue Material. The pattern used was so affective and had a great quilting finish. A surprise parcel arrived today with a belayed present for me from Sarah. A environmental shopping bag with real style. The bag is so my taste (great choice Sarah).

Gail and Ian Simon's parents also gave me so fantastic presents. A gorgeous sliver and pink Pandora bracelet and heaps of little things plus a City Girl layer cake to go with my collection. lol

Thank you so much to everyone for making this Christmas "The best Christmas ever"

Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Pretty Tidy Bin"

This is my completed tidy bin. It definitely has my magic touch.

I absolutely love doing these little stitchery projects. It's a great change from making quilts.

I've started this New Year with my best foot forward. Now what should i do? I have so many ideas of new creations, not quite sure what to start first.

I purchased a great new jelly roll the other day "Basicgrey -Urban Couture MODA" One of those impulse buys - must have. :) Really not sure what pattern yet.. But i will figure something out for it.
"Any ideas are welcomed"

Take care Everyone x o

Friday, January 2, 2009

Teddy Tidy Christmas Present

Christmas was coming so fast this year and I was running out of time to get presents for the family. I decided a the very last minute to make my Grandmother "Phyllis" a Tidy Teddy Bin.

Once again I stole the idea of the "Craft master Sarah". I could not find the pattern for these on-line so I went and borrowed Gails tidy teddy bin and made a pattern from it. I loved making this and on Christmas Day, Phyllis absolutely loved it.

I am currently making one for myself. They are a great idea and a wonderful present to give someone.

Better start making mine :)

Later I will post some pic's of my surprise christmas presents.

Quilters Journal

This is my hand made Quilters Journal a beautiful Leanne Beasley design.
I was inspired to make one of these after setting my eye's on Sarah's. I searched around Gladstone and online trying to find these Gypsy Binders. I had no luck. I was so determined to make this journal so I decided to make one from scratch. It wasn't that hard and I am so pleased with the final product.

There is my Quilters Journal

This is a picture on how I created my Journal

My Journal is made :)

Now the challenge is to fill it will all my quilts and little creations.