Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Retro Inked Bag for Amy

I have 1 day off from work and what should I do? Clean house....hmm nah...  Catch up on some reading....hmmm relaxing but...nah.. I know... I will make a bag.   I woke up excitied on Tuesday morning  to start making this bag for a friends teenage daughter.  I had so many ideas flowing through my mind, but the hard part was making them happen.  I'm happy to say after many hours in my sewing room, I have completed the most FAB BAG ever!!!!

This bag was a challenge from the word go.  My friend Shireen wanted me to make a bag big enough for her daughter's (Amy) dance stuff and the wish was granted.  My inspiration starting from the fabric "Retro Inked Girls fabric from Alexander Herny that was use as the main fabric that Shireen picked out which then leaded to the theme of Retro Rocker.  Suits Little Miss Amy to a tee....

Finding the rest of the materials was a challenge.  Don't you just hate when you get an idea but you can't find the things to make it happen?  I had this problem but.... where there is a will, there is a way.  I could not find any fabric in the stores that looked like leather.  So...I went to Big W and brought a pair of those plastic leather tights.  And they worked like a dream with a bit of quilting.  I used it on the top and on the pocket and for the handle holders.  Talking about handles, I used two belts from Kmart and with a bit of cutting, sewing and glue they worked out perfectly. 

I love this bag...It 's soft, textured and has style LOL.. Didn't want to part with it. But I know Amy will love it and look after it.   Back to work now.  Can't wait until my next day off on tuesday so I can start a mother's day present.  I will have to do some sneaky question asking to find out what fabric she likes.

Hope everyone has a great week.  I will pop back in a few day with pics of some finished blocks.
Take care Katie xox

Monday, April 19, 2010

Eva's Cuddly Mocha Meringue

Hi Bloggers, I was just informed by my MIL that it's been 3 weeks since my last post and even longer for a finished project. Opps! But time has not been wasted. Im so excited to show you
what I've been working on. 

A very Snuggly Cuddly Winter Quilt.  Well our "New Addition" EVA, thinks so. 
Can you spot her?

I don't know whats more lovely "Eva" or my Quilt? lol..  I am very pleased with the finish. Finally a finish for April, yeah!   My darling husband brought me this quilt kit 3 birthday's ago, after falling in love with the fabric at Calico Crossroads.  I have had the quilt top made for a few weeks.  I was just not sure what to make it into.  A wall hanging, or a quilt for the new lounge.  Hard decission but my mind was made up when I came across the cuddly chenille at Lincraft.  I had a "Brain Fart" lol (idea)... Make it a Cuddly Reversable Throw Rug!!.  The Mocha Meringue top was quilted just in the ditch, and then I sewed the two colours of chenille fabric into a checkboard pattern.  I put a thick wadding inside and used these cute wooden buttons to help tie down the quilt.  They worked out great!  It is going to be great for those cold Queensland

I have alot of fabric left from the kit, so think I might make some matching pillows (one-day).  

Eva has taken over the quilt.  Poor Pepper our other cat has to settle with a cushion.  She was not pleased with us bring home Eva, but when they think we aren't looking they play round.  And for all of you MODA lovers, like myself.  Yes!... her name is from the Basic Grey collection "Eva". 
It suits her well.  Thank you MIL -Gail for coming up with the name.  

Came across this pic on Roseanne's blog.  Doesn't it look so very much like our Sweet Eva?
Hope you all had a great creative weekend.  I am currenly working on a few things so I will have to post them through the week.

Take Care
Katrina xox