Sunday, January 30, 2011

Is this for “Me” oh Thank-you

Well,  I recently celebrated my birthday a few days ago and it was the best so far. 

Reason’s why you say; 

1. First year that I did not have to work.

2. Surprised pressie from my Wonderful Husband,  a gorgeous two toned sparkly ring.  He has really good taste, well ears *lol*

And last but not least

3.   Fantastic gifts from Family and Friends.


A BIG Thank-you to SIL Sarah for the Super Handy Sewing Caddy.  It has been working wonderfully over January along side me.  Love the fabric and the cute little pins.  Also thank-you for my MIL Gail who gave me these fantastic 3 set vintage style box’s, and fabric.  You girls know me oh so well , made me feel so special…. It’s good to be 21 …

Ok… better get out of the office and  into this kitchen to whip up some dinner. 

Take Care Bloggers and I will return tomorrow with some quilting…I promise.


1 comment:

Roseanne said...

Love all your presents. I was with Gail when she brought your vintage style box’s. Sarah showed me your sewing caddy when she finished it and I did love it