Monday, January 31, 2011

Maison De Garance Quilt .1.

The Christmas just gone I decided to make my Friends Dale and Sue a quilt for their well deserved present.   Not knowing exactly what the theme for there house is.  I thought, can’t go wrong with making a quilt out of the lovely Maison De Garance fabric by French General.    I love their entire range, so when Gail showed me this wonderful kit from Moda, “How could I resist”.  Well I couldn’t.  So I brought

2010-12-23 06.57.31

I really enjoyed making this easy and relaxing quilt, and talk about left overs. I was able to make those two matching pillows and still had enough to make a few more if needed. 

Sue and Dale loved the quilt ( well Sue has taken ownership of it, so I have found a brother quilt to this one that I will have to make for his birthday). 

Last year wasn’t a big flop in the quilt making area as I thought.  

I will be back tomorrow to show you another Christmas/Birthday present I got to finish for 2010.

Take Care everyone and enjoy your stitching 




welsh penny said...

So Lovely Kate! Want to just eat them up! Gail

Sue said...

It is one of the most treasured presents I have ever received - so much hard work & skill involved. It fits in perfectly with the decor in my favorite room - not quite game enough to use it though - too precious. How did you know I loved red, Katie!!

Roseanne said...

Love the quilt that you made kate. Hope to see more of you this year.