Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Sewing Roll

Yeah I'm still here.  Haven't been sewing as much as I wanted. Cos I have just started a new position with work.  I'm now the Advertising Assistant for Gladstone Region for Subway.  I'm still managering the store in Tannum Sands.  It just means more work outside the office.  I must be crazy. My timetable is already quite full.  But I think I need to squeeze in a day or two for sewing. 

Talking about "Sewing".  I have made this cute little block holder.  It's going to be handy when I start making the Mystery BOM from homepun. 

I have just received the second block.  There has been a few fabrics missing from the first and second block.  Hopefully the supplier of this BOM sends them out soon.  I haven't started making them yet due to this reason. 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  This is my first day off so I have lots of housework to do and making gets some sewing done.

Katrina xox


Roseanne said...

Love your block keeper. The fabric are so me, I just love them.

Sarah said...

How cool!! Love how it has a zipper section! I tell you, these block keepers really do come in handy... I have 2 myself now!
Great fabric choices too!
x Sarah
Oh, and congrats on your promotion xx

clare's craftroom said...

It sounds very busy at your place , I'm glad you managed to get some sewing done , it looks so good !

welsh penny said...

Hi Kate,lovely block keeper, and you new look blog is lovely! Gail

mandapanda said...

I was just gonna leave a message saying how wonderful the block holder is and where you got the pattern from, when I realized you said Gladstone and Tannum Sands. So cool! I live in Rocky!