Monday, February 1, 2010

Lifes A Celebration BOM - Homespun 2010

My Christmas Present has arrived

Yeah.. It's the first month of the "Life's a Celebration" Mystery Quilt through Homespun.

My Wonderful Mother-In-Law Gail, gave me this for a Christmas present. The fabric for this mystery quilt is gorgeous (very girly). It's totally my style. God she knows me to well. Thanks again. The BOM did not come with the pattern. But Gail once again thought of it all and got me the Homespun Subscription of my birthday. I'm so spoilt....

Now when do I start.... I was so itching to start today as it rain all day. But one problem... The BOM did not include DMC thread. So I guess my heading to the shop tomorrow.

But today was not a total lost.... I kept my self busy making.... something???
I will pop back tomorrow to show you.

Take Care
Katie xox

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Lovely fabrics in this bom! Weird that u didn't get the threads! Have u started?