Tuesday, February 1, 2011

“50” is the new “30”

2010 Christmas was going to wonderful, until the Queensland  wet season started early spoiling everything.  Simon and I had it all planned out ( for once)  We decided months before hand to go to Townsville to spend Christmas with my Dad and to celebrate his 50th birthday on Boxing Day. 

The roads were flooded in every direction.  No chance of making it up there so we ended up staying at home for the Christmas period.  I was so angry and disappointed at the time, but now so thankful that we were keep safe with all this devastation around us.  Our blessings go out to all those family that weren't  so lucky.

There was one positive amongst all the negatives with the making of this very special quilt to celebrate my Dad turning the Big 50. 

I wrapped my brain for months about this quilt.  What pattern?  What Fabric? Pictures or no pictures? Finally this is what was KREATED  lol



Combining a Choc-Mint Bail Pop , a yard of white , a few yards of Dark Batik  for the border with  some special moments printed onto fabric, this was the result.  

This quilt is the biggest quilt I have made yet.   It fits so lovely on a queens size bed.  He is worth every hour that giant took including a few the temper tantrums with the quilting. 

If anyone knows any tips  to stop threads continuously breaking whilst machine quilting, I’m all ears.  By the end of the first row, I just had to change threads completely.  (The lady at the shop said they were the best variegated to use….I don’t think so)  They name of the tread is not on the spools, so I can tell you, but I will find out.

Still waiting to post this quilt.  A little bit late, but I could not risk it getting lost it the post with that cyclone hanging around.  When are we Queenslanders going to be a break. 

I know when he finally receives it, he is going to get a big surprise.  I wish I could be there to see his face.  “ Go the Mighty Magpies” lol.

I can’t believe it 3 posts in 3 days…. I just be catching something…lol

Well, bloggers…. be back tomorrow with number 4….some stitchery…



Roseanne said...

Kate your dad is going to love the quilt that you have made for him.

welsh penny said...

Hi Kate, this is so beautiful in real life, the pictures don't do it justice! Gail