Sunday, December 14, 2008

Subway Christmas at Agnes

Last weekend my employer Troy and his wife Kate decided to
shout his Subway managers from the store's he owes to a weekend
away at Agnes Water. It was great to get away from the shop for a
break and having it all paid for was a bonus (spoilt). We all stayed at
a beautiful resort right on the beach called "Edges on the Beach".
Simon and myself had all ready stayed there before in the
early days of the relationship so it felt even more
special to return. Here are some quick snaps of the
breath taking scenery you can experience here.

Yes another colleague. (LOL)
I love making these colleagues, taking up less space
and it's just that little bit different which i am.

Giving it that Katie's Kick.
On the Crafty side i have just finished making my Quilters Journal using the 's leanne Beasley journal design dvd. "Thank you Sarah"

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Such a beautiful place Agnes!! Both Dennis and myself loved it there
x sarah