Monday, December 1, 2008

Tripping to Tasmania

On the 1st of November 2008 my wonderful partner (Simon) and I, grabbed our over stuffed suitcases and set off to the airport in Rockhampton (Queensland) to start our amazing holiday to Tasmania. I was so excited to finally return back to Tasmania after 17 years. I was quite anxious about the flight, but once in the air i was loving every minute of it. As soon as we had landed to Melbourne i had realised i had caught a bug off the flight (The Travel Bug). I wanting to jump onto another plane and take off again . We stopped in Melbourne over night to catch the early morning flight to Launceston. It was a quick 40 minute flight to arrived in the wonderful and cold place that they call Tasmania. The cold and fresh air was such a lovely change from the hot, muggy air from Queensland.

Waiting there to welcome us with open arms was Simon's oldest sister Sarah. It was fantastic to finally put a warm face to the person that I had been chatting with on the phone for almost two years. I knew from that very moment, our 8 day holiday was not going to long enough. Sarah and Dennis had invited us to stay with them in George Town for the duration of our Holiday. They both made us feel right at home, especially their playful dog Sophie. It was funny watching her chase them around the house and destroy her little bart toy. LOL
After leaving the airport the three of us made our way to the Deloraine Craft Fair. I have never been or even seen a Fair like this one. I was shocked with the size, the layout and all the different kinds of crafts, foods and displays. I wanted to buy one of each but i limited myself and purchased three cute scrap booking albums. (still on the to-do-list) LOL. One of the albums i gave to Simon's mum Gail.

My eyes were amazed on how green hills, grass and trees can really be. Every chance I could I would take a scenic photo. Simon would always make a joke about it" Quick sweety get the camera i stop another tree" LOL. I wanted to capture all the breathtaking images, just in case I could never return.


In a little Hyundai XL (kindly lent from family)Simon and I travelled around the northern parts of Tasmania. We went to George Town, Low Head, Launceston Gorge, Longford, Evandale, Deloraine, Beaconsfield, Grindelwald, Beauty Point, Garden Island, Exeter and many other small towns. Looking at the map we really did not cover much of the Big Apple but the small bite we took definitely will be rememberable. Here are some of the picture we took on our little adventures.









On Friday the 7th Sarah and Dennis took us on a family outing to Tasmazia, Latrobe and Uvlerstone. The first stop was Tasmazia and The Village of Lower Crackpot. It had all these little man-made funny cottages and wild mazes. The place was absolutely wonderful. We all had a blast, I highly recommend it.

The second stop was Latrobe. Sarah and I went fabric shopping whilst the boys went to the hobbie shop looking at remote control cars. The fabric shops were fabulous, i could not make up my mind what to buy. I just wanted everything. We had lunch at a delicous cafe and headed towards the Reliquarie. Sarah tried to explain to me what exactly this store was, no words can really describe this amazing house. As we walked through the doors a lady dressed in mystical gown greeted us. I was speechless, my eyes were in disbelief. Every room in this massive house was packed to the rafters with dolls, collectables ect. of various themes. This store is definitely a must see to believe experience.

The last stop on our outing was Ulverstone. By the time we had arrived so did the rain. We dashed into a scrapbook store then up to a Fabric Store (forgot the name). The day went so fast, but we all had a great time

The rest of our stay was spent with family and Friends. Coming back to Tasmania was the best holiday that I have had. Here are some picture of Simon's and hopefully soon to be my family.

It has been about a month since leaving Tassy and everyday i wish we could go back. Maybe one day soon i hope. This post seemed like it would never end, but i hope everyone will like the photos that we took in Tasmania (it's better in real life).


Sarah said...

Hey Kate!
I am so glad you and Simon enjoyed your stay..... you are welcome back anytime xx
x Sarah
PS, love the way you did your pics!

Pauline said...

hey Katie,
was a pleasure to meet you and so glad to know you had fun in Tassie.
we have to agree with you of is a beautiful place...
cya when you come back...soon....

Lulu said...

Wow, your post was terrific. Love the way you do your photos. Coming from Devonport, I'm interested in how others view our state, although did you say you originally came from here?