Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Arrival to the Family

On Saturday our little family of four grew to five. Simon and I decided that a 8 month old Bull Mastiff cross Labrador puppy named Chevy needed to have a play mate. We had been searching around the area for a little boy bull mastiff and we finally struck gold. A lovely family in Rockhampton were selling puppies and advertised them in the rural trader. It was fate, because there was only one puppy left and it was a boy. I was a bit worried when the owner's told us that the puppies were Bull Mastiff cross Neo Mastiff. Neo Mastiffs nickname is the Harry Potter Dogs. If you have ever seen the movies you will know what I'm taking about. There grow enormous,have rollie skin and are scary ugly. But luckily our little boy did not inherit that part. He's name is Dodge. He has settled in fine. Chevy loves him, but our cat Pepper is not impressed. She finally got Chevy to know who is boss, know there is another little brat to teach hehe.
Our pets (children) are so funny. This photo of Pepper was taken a couple of days ago. Simon opened the cupboard to get Chevy her dinner and ""What did he find ?"

PEPPER flavoured CHUM

Our cat is very strange. She loves being in cupboards, empty boxes, really anything !

Here are the less stranger pair of the family.
""Aren't they just so adorable""

* Promise to be back with pictures of my hand made "Journal" in a couple of days


Sarah said...

How cute!! That is a funny place to hide in with the Chum lol!!
Great pics
x sarah

Sarah said...

knock knock!! Where's your journal?? lol
x Sarah

PS: Happy New Year xx