Monday, January 19, 2009

Christmas Presents from Family.

Christmas 2008 was the best Christmas i have ever had. My wonderful boyfriend Simon proposed to me with a beautiful ring, and of course I said YES..

Simon's family really spoiled me this Christmas with amazing gifts. Sarah and Denis gave me the Little Romance Kit (totally breathtaking) . Sarah also made Simon a fantastic new quilt. Made from Red White and Blue Material. The pattern used was so affective and had a great quilting finish. A surprise parcel arrived today with a belayed present for me from Sarah. A environmental shopping bag with real style. The bag is so my taste (great choice Sarah).

Gail and Ian Simon's parents also gave me so fantastic presents. A gorgeous sliver and pink Pandora bracelet and heaps of little things plus a City Girl layer cake to go with my collection. lol

Thank you so much to everyone for making this Christmas "The best Christmas ever"


Dee said...

Hi, I just popped over from Sarah's Blog of which I visit reguarly. I have enjoyed your blog and your beautiful fabric stash. Very Yummy indeed as is all the projects you've made. Congratulations on being proposed to. How exciting for you. Look forward to hearing about what you're up to next. D. :=)

Roseanne said...

Congratulations to you and Simon. Your ring is very nice sorry I didn`t get to meet you when you was over. But I thought I would let Sarah and dennis keep you to them self

Sarah said...

Oh Kate, your ring is gorgeous!! He has great taste ;=)
Love that Layer Cake, what are you making with that>>
x Sarah

Sarah said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kate!! I hope you have had a beautiful day.
x Sarah

Roseanne said...

kate the ring is lovelY... But you need to up date your blog !!! LOL. I come in for a look but there has been no up date for some time..Come on girl....