Monday, January 25, 2010

"Shopping Trip "

I'm back from my little shopping trip in Rockhampton and brought some goodies back with me. I went to a lovely store called Patchwork Paradise... the name describes it well... It's one of those stores that you walk around and around looking and each lap your eyes spot something different.

I really had to stop myself from buying an armful of goodies and decided on the beautiful "Cherish Nature" by Deb Strain. Deb Strain was one of the designers that caught my eye from day one. I'm sure everyone remembers the lovely "Day Dream" collection Moda brought out... Yes it was Deb Strain's. I still have a jelly roll of Day Dream"s in stash, and can't bring myself to cut it. I brought a Layer Cake, Charm Square, a Panel and a few fats of the Cherish. I was going to buy the jelly roll but thought I needed an excuse to head back in a couple of weeks (wink wink) LOL.

The day went by quite fast, but Simon and I had a great time. We went to Hog's Breathe Cafe for lunch, another fantastic meal..(yummmy). Simon went and looked at the Golf and Motorbike stores, while I was at Spotlight. Got a few supplies and some more goodies. Then the afternoon was spent looking at the stores in the mall and looking for a new lounge. Found a couple that were alright but just not the one.. I guess we keep looking.

One more day off... might get some sewing down... or just relax??? I might pop back in a few days and show you the project I'm working one. All I can say... that it's "BRIGHT"

Take Care
Katie xox

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