Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chel - Bel's Santorini

I have been a busy bee this weekend, finishing this lovely bright quilt for my girlfriends youngest girl "Chelsea-rose" aka Chel-Bel.

Last July I made her eldest girl "Grace" a quilt for her third birthday. I promised my girlfriend Kristy that I will make Chel-Bel a matching quilt for her 2nd birthday december just gone, but work was crazy that time of year. Only a month late but I know she is going to love it. Yeh I was a little slack with her name on the back... Chelsea-Rose was just a little toooo long. lol

I used a jelly roll and charm square of "Santorini" by Lila Tueller to make this quilt. It came out quite lovely and it suit's Chel-Bel down to a tee. She really likes Purple (well at the moment)lol..

The pattern of the quilt front was from "Me and my Sister - Strawberry Jellies". Such a quick and easy pattern to follow and really suits the bright, bold patterned fabric like Santorini.

This is my fifth finished project for January.. Off to a good start I say. Not sure what is installed for Fabulous Febuary ... So you will have to pop back now and then to check on me.

Take care everyone

Katie xox

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Sarah said...

Very pretty Kate! I am sure it will b cherished.